Purchase Class Credits

Snag the bike you want for a cycling class up to a week in advance, starting at 1pm every Monday. All DC clients must buy the Zengo DC Credits for all classes. All classes must be cancelled by 7pm the night prior to class or you will be charged.

Zengo Digital Studio -

1 Credit
Valid for 30 Days.
5 Credits
Valid for 50 Days.
10 Credits
Valid for 100 Days.
Custom Zengo Gift Cards



STEP 1. Buy class credits.


STEP 2. Reserve a class.

All classes open for reservations on Mondays at 1pm EST. At this time, you can register for any class in the upcoming week (Tuesday through the following Monday). We recommend using our online reservation system, but you can always drop by or call the studio and a Zengo team member will be happy to assist you.


STEP 3. Reserve a bike.

Available bikes are shown as white circles. Previously reserved bikes are in gray. Once you confirm your reservation, a class credit is subtracted from your account for each class and/or bike. You will receive an email confirming your selections.


Can I join a waitlist?

Each class has room for 45 riders. If a class you’d like to attend is full, you’re free to sign up on our waitlist – however, you must have the appropriate number of credits in order to do so. If an opening becomes available, a Zengo team member will contact you up to two hours in advance of the class. If you’re available, we will assign you a spot and complete the reservation. If you can no longer attend, simply remove yourself from the waitlist online right up until class start time. 


How do I cancel a reservation?

Click on the “Unreserve” link next to your reservation under the “My Classes” tab of your Account profile. Once you complete the cancellation, your account will be credited for that class and you will receive an email confirmation. Reservations must be cancelled prior to 7pm the night before the class or you will be charged.