Zengames 2018: Are you in?

Zengames 2018: Are you in?

Sun Feb 4, 2018

We're celebrating the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in Zengo Style. But here - we're all teammates. You are your only competition. The games begin on Friday February 9th. In order to participate, pick up a Zengames card at any one of our studios on Friday; you will be responsible for the recording and tracking of each event. A Senior host, front desk host, or instructor must sign off as you complete each 'event' in order to earn points. Each 'event' may only be completed once for points, and you have until February 28th to participate. All cards must be submitted by the end of the day on February 28th.

Here's how we play. We ride.

The following accomplishments earn you ONE POINT:

  • Ride a double (two classes back-to-back)
  • Post on social media using hashtag #zengames2018
  • Attend a Power Hour ride
  • Complete six rides

The following accomplishments earn you TWO POINTS:

  • Ride in all three states
  • Ride in a new studio for the first time
  • Ride with an instructor for the first time
  • Refer a new rider
  • Complete ten rides

The following accomplishments earn you THREE POINTS:

  • Ride on a Saturday and Sunday back-to-back in one weekend
  • Ride in all five studios
  • Complete fifteen rides

The good news... everyone wins!

GOLD STATUS: 23+ points

SILVER STATUS: 13-22 points

BRONZE STATUS: 5-13 points

If you play. You'll win. Everyone gets a participation prize. So what are you waiting for? #letsride


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