#ZENFAM Feature: Meet Becca!

#ZENFAM Feature: Meet Becca!

Mon Dec 18, 2017

As we power through what's left of 2017, our focus has already shifted to what we hope to #zengain in the new year. New habits, new jobs, new behaviors, new friends. Amidst all of the value we hope to add to our lives, we're pausing to take an unfortunate moment to say goodbye to a member of our #zenfam - Becca Jordan, as she closes this chapter of her life and begins another.

Becca attended her first Zengo Cycle class two years ago. She had been actively participating in Crossfit and Zumba, but wasn't seeing significant results. After her first Zengo class, she wasn't quite sold due to a hip issue and having been told she would never be able to cycle. She revisited the studio for a class with Nas this past March, with a new focus on her form in order to prevent any hip trouble. Before long she was riding four to five times per week, and was truly hooked! The rest is history! THE END.

Just kidding.

Becca rides as often as she can, pairing her cardio with strength training roughly two to three times per week. She loves the early morning 6am rides, Power Hours, and has taken class with almost every single Kentlands instructor! She made the decision and the committment to invest her time and money in this workout, and makes sacrifices where she must in order to do so. "I'm not going to pay for these classes without making changes in all aspets of my heath! It's a lifestyle!" Preach, sister, preach. As a result, she's seen major mental, emotional, and physical improvements.

Becca. What's the BEST thing about Zengo IYO?

{Family. Her family is in Ohio, so the Zengo community has become her family-away-from-home. The instructors. They are "NORMAL. HUMAN. REAL BEINGS." (Well, phew! We can't have Demogorgons running the show up there... Google it all of you non-Stranger Things watchers.) They set such a good example for living an all-encompassing healthy lifestyle. They believe in Zengo. They believe in the workout. They believe in each other. They believe in their RIDERS. Watching them pour so much of themselves into it - it makes a difference.}

What we hope she'll take with her:

She's been working on her internal self-care, and hoping that reflects on the outside. EMPOWERMENT! "I've become my own advocate and cheerleader." To be that in touch with yourself allows you to be in touch with others and see people from a different perspective. A gift this experience has given her, and one that she's given right back to us. (Presses palm on heart.)

Stepping into new experiences in 2018, here's what Becca leaves us with, and what we hope to #zengain:

Lift people up everyday. You never know who needs it. Allow yourself to step back, and to slow down."

We'll miss you!

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