Zen Fam Friday: Sasha's World

Zen Fam Friday: Sasha's World

Fri Jul 21, 2017

Meet Sasha. Voted most likely to quit his job to accept a role as a character in Disney World.

Position: Instructor.(Formerly Host).

Studio: Kentlands. Cathedral. Bethesda.

A True Local: Born and raised in Potomac, Maryland. Attended American University and studied Business Statistics and Biochemistry. Self-proclaimed #nerdalert. Mom and Dad (Saeed and Marzi) are still close by cheering him on from the sidelines. 'Cause we're the three best friends that anyone could have...

You've been around this whole time, what took you so long to find #zengocycle?

It wasn't until the Cathedral Commons studio opened near the AU campus that Sasha stumbled upon the studio. He was 65 pounds heavier, and looking for a way to exercise while having fun. A friend of his told him it was the best cycling workout in the area, describing the class as a "dance party on a bike" - and he was sold. (Weren't we all?) He took his first class, was hooked, and basically became a host immediately afterwards. 

'Host Sasha' must not have lasted very long...

A promotional Instagram was posted announcing instructor auditions on May 22nd (pulled from his shockingly sharp memory), and a seed was planted. He rode religiously in preparation, and decided to take the leap with encouragement from his coworkers and favorite instructors. Fast forward to a not so sharp memory of an audition, months of training, and he landed on the podium in September. Head to toe in bright, shiny neon threads. Not by accident. He's super into fashion. And not just ANY fashion. Sports fashion and high fashion. He's not sure if that counts as a hobby, but if you know Sasha, it's DEFINITELY a hobby.

And WA-LA! 65 pounds lighter. Colorful. And killing it.

Playing tennis for hours upon hours a day certainly helps keep him in shape. He's an aspiring tennis pro, training around the clock in the hopes of one day competing against Roger Federer. His. Ultimate. Dream. Written. Just. Like. This. He attributes a lot of his success to Zengo, and will one day look back from the tennis courts of England knowing that it was this cycling class that changed his life.

What's the BEST thing about Zengo? (Verbatim in his words, since things like this are difficult to paraphrase, we'll let him take the mic) "100% the people and the relationships that I have built here. Riders, hosts, instructors, etc. It's crazy the amount of people that have turned into true friends from initially just having Zengo as a commonality. THAT is how strong and powerful Zengo is."

Years from now if you're wondering where Sasha winds up...

His ultimate dream would be to travel the world competing as a pro tennis player, "rubbing elbows" with the greats of the game. (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) Most importantly, he will be 100% confident and comfortable with the person he has become... and THAT is a little piece of inspiration that we can all spread and share.

It's true that while he loves the Party Thieves Emergency Remix more than life itself, every time Sasha teaches a Disney Remixed theme ride, an angel gets it's wings. 

Sasha Sami Kahnamelli. We hope you remember us when you're a big shiny star (even MORE of one than you already are), and that your name is one day part of a hip hop lyric. Or nursery rhyme. 

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