ZEN FAM FRIDAY: Meet Heather

ZEN FAM FRIDAY: Meet Heather

Fri Aug 24, 2018

Meet Heather. The newest #zenfam member to take the podium.


Heather brings years of experience teaching cycling classes from Boston, and we’re so happy to have her on our team. Originally from Clifton, Virginia, poor Heather grew up without a nickname. So we’re currently accepting applications.


Speaking of Boston, Heather is WICKED SMAHT, with quite the impressive resume. She studied social work at JMU (“heaven on earth” as she puts it), and attended Suffolk University in Boston where she received dual masters degrees in criminal justice and mental health. She worked as a social worker in Boston, and since moving to DC, has shifted into a consulting role for non profits. One day you’ll find her running her own health and wellness center.


Now let’s get to know this babe on a personal level. Rapid-fire style.


Hobbies: “How do you say drinking wine and eating cheese without sounding like a lazy boozehound?”


Fun fact: “I’ve run four marathons and my husband has run one! Our goal is to run all the majors together!”


Hidden quirks: “I love to quote movies.”


Food you can’t live without: “Peanut butter and coffee.”


Coolest place you’ve traveled: (In anticipation…) Heather and her husband are traveling to Hawaii for their honeymoon, and she is “PUMPED!” Have recommendations? Send them her way!


Alright… now let’s talk Zengo. When was your first class?


“Cassidy. I was hooked by her sass and energy. And I will forever be a sucker for some intense hip hop and a good beat drop.”


When asked what her instructor-style is like… she describes herself as intense. It’s her MO to make sure riders know they are a true BADASS entering the studio, leaving the studio, and everywhere in between; and not just acknowledge that, but really FEEL like it.


If you could give every Zengo rider ONE piece of advice…

“I think in general it would be to just. let. go. Let go of what's happening outside of the room, let go thinking about anyone or anything else but you, let go of worrying about what other riders in the room are doing, what they might think of you and just push yourself, sweat, smile & have fun. 


Book a bike with Heather this week!


Monday 7:30am at Logan Circle

Tuesday 6am at Logan Circle

Tuesday 6pm at Bethesda

Wednesday 6pm at Cathedral Commons

Thursday 6am at Bethesda

Thursday 7:30pm at Logan Circle

Friday 6am at Bethesda

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