We love our #zengals: Meet Kimby!

We love our #zengals: Meet Kimby!

Mon Mar 26, 2018

Sending Women's History Month out on a high note with our gal Kimberly Berger - Kimby for short. Lover of laughter and ice cream.

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. Came to the east coast for college and stayed to participate in Teach for America in Baltimore. Married and the mother of three boys: Aden, Micah, and Ollie. 

What do you do for a living? 

I am a co-owner, along with Frederique Irwin, of Her Corner. We are an education company focused on teaching female entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses.

When do you find time to ZENGO? (Yes, we've turned it into a verb here.)

Mostly weekdays at 8:45am, and sometimes on the weekends. Favorite instructors are Melissa and Alli. (Favorite move on the bike?) I love the dancing! - For the record, she used way more exclamation points than we're illustrating here.

What makes you laugh?

Pretty much everything. I spend most of my day giggling with Fred, and my husband cracks me up constantly. (We can vouch - if we were to put in the blooper reel from Kimby's quick photo shoot, it's full of big smiles and laughter.) I am always in a good mood - I'm rarely grumpy or sad.

Any rockstar female role models?

Oprah, Melinda Gates, Anne Mahlum, Marla Malcolm Beck, Mindy Kaling. Women who are not afraid to be their true selves, who hold themselves and others to high standards, who aren’t afraid to work hard.

If you could give one piece of advice to all of our #zengals out there, what would it be?

Dream bigger. Set ambitious goals.

What does self-care and self-love look like to you?

Making time to exercise regularly, and traveling the world with my family.

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