We love our #zengals: MEET BLAIRE!

We love our #zengals: MEET BLAIRE!

Mon Mar 12, 2018

A little rapid fire Q&A with our fearless female #zengal Blaire. Place your hand on your side, and prepare to squeeze tightly with laughter.

When you're not on the bike... who are you?

I'm the Executive Producer of the Jack Diamond Morning Show on Mix 107.3 radio. Tune in any weekday between 6am and 10am and hear us!

So. You're famous. Have you ever met a celebrity?

The coolest would have to be Marc Wahlberg. We actually developed a friendship. When I got laid off from my former job, he found out and called me from the Vatican (yes - in Rome) to ask if he could get me my job back. So sweet and awesome! (We agree. So now let's talk about getting his cute Boston butt on a bike.)

When do you normally ride?

Weekends and weekdays! I'm a weekday NOONER. (Pause for lol). I get up at 3:30am and am finished work just in time to get changed and make it to the 12:00pm classes at Cathedral Commons. They are THE BEST. 

What's your favorite move on the bike?

Getting off of it. (HAHA. No. She was serious). "For real, though!" I know I just completed my sweaty workout and I feel like I accomplished something. That's something to feel happy about!

If you had to eat ONE thing for the rest of eternity, what would it be?

Cupcakes. Hands down. I never get sick of sweets. (Everyone. Stop what you're doing, search for @sprinklescupcakes and you'll find a HILARIOUS video they recently shared of Blaire discovering their newest flavor - Chocolate Chip Cookie.)

Who are your rockstar female role models?

My mom, my sister, all of my kick @$$ (sensored for our family-friendly audience) girlfriends, and coworkers! We are all working through IT.

(Everything makes her laugh. And we have since added her to our 'what makes US laugh' list.)

What's your super power?

I think my voice is pretty powerful. Being on the radio gives you a platform and makes me feel pretty strong. I don't hold back, I say what I think and feel; and having the ability to do that and get things off of my chest makes me feel happier.

If you could give one piece of advice to all of our #zengals out there, what would it be?

Listen to what your instructors are saying in class. They are SO motivating and positive! It's what keeps me going when I feel like I could give up.

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