Show your #ZENFAM pride!

Show your #ZENFAM pride!

Fri Jun 9, 2017

Today we celebrate our #zenfamfriday with P-R-I-D-E.


Meet Eddie. Our Queen of the night. (He’s got the stuff that you want, the thing that you need)

Position: Instructor.

Studio: Logan Circle + Mosaic District


Hometown: Winchester, Virginia is for lovers.


Eddie is a recent GMU graduate, and works for AvalonBay Communities. Before strutting across the stage, he completed pieces of his degree at THREE other universities: Rutgers, Lord Fairfax Community College, and Alderson Broaddus University. Looking to rent an apartment? He’s your guy.


We asked Eddie where he envisions himself in five to ten years. His response paints a perfect picture of his character and values. He prioritizes love, family, and communication. His family will be rich with love, laughter, and experiences, as a result of his powerful ambition driving him forward in his PR career. Picture this: Eddie, his husband, his children, gathered around a California kitchen table at day’s end sharing the highs and lows of their day, and appreciating everything they have in life, an important lesson he has embodied from his own dad.


Fun Facts: We all know Eddie can throw down on a bike, but did you know he can clap with one hand? (If you’re wondering what the HECK that even means, we’re with you. Prove it, Eddie!) His favorite foods are pizza and grilled cheese. How else do you think he maintains that dream boat bod? “I’m a hard believer that any size pizza can be a personal pizza if you want it to be.” His words.


One of the BEST things about Zengo (purely objective - these are the facts) is that sense of safe haven. In some way, shape, or form, it brings people together in search of something greater, or a deeper sense of self. And in one small space, through cohesive universal movement, we embark on individual journeys to better ourselves, thus bettering each other. Everyone has a story to tell. Here’s Eddie’s.


Zengo seemed to fall into his lap at the exact right moment; school was challenging, and he wasn’t happy with himself, his relationship, or his body. He took a suggestion from a then coworker at lululemon to try Kelsey’s class in Mosaic, and was never the same. Instantly hooked, he drenched himself in Kelsey’s energy and motivation. He felt confident, sexy, strong, and started to believe in himself for the first time in a LONG time. So, he drank the Kool-Aid, and continued to ride and ride, working his way from the back row, to the front row, and eventually joining Club DOUB, riding back-to-back classes, until he decided to audition his heart out in the hopes of inspiring others to push themselves the way he had. Well, following an adrenaline-raged black out also known as Eddie’s audition, we cut to the part where he adorns the podium as a proud Zengo Cycle instructor.


To this day, Eddie continues to give us his all on (and off) of the bike. “It’s not about me, it’s all about the riders. You never know what people are going through. I hope to spread love and positivity in class; I want it to really fill the room, making everyone be the BEST they can be.”


Eddie. We’re so proud to have you in this family. Thank you for reminding us to celebrate the beauty, the love, and the good in ourselves and each other on this day, and every day.


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