Rider. Instructor. Brain Cancer Researcher. You say potato...

Rider. Instructor. Brain Cancer Researcher. You say potato...

Mon Jan 15, 2018


Meet Bria Johnson. Born and raised in McLean, Virginia. A D.C. local at heart.


She’s wicked smaht. Attended UVA for undergrad and Georgetown for her graduate degree. She is currently performing brain cancer research at NIH and working towards her career goal of becoming a physician.


Bria took her first Zengo class in the spring of 2017, when a friend of hers from good ol’ Gtown convinced her that Zengo was “not your average cycling class.” (Thanks, friend!) It took no more than a few pedal strokes to hook her. The ambiance, the encouragement from the instructor, the darkness, the community, and the MUSIC. It quickly became a part of her routine; a place to come disconnect, unwind, and truly let go at the end of a long day, or the right dose of energy to begin one. Throughout her evolution from a rider to an instructor, she’s maintained the power of her first experience, and that’s exactly what she hopes to give to her riders. Bria brings motivation, opportunity for self-reflection, and a PARTY on the bike.


When she’s not takin’ it back, Bria spends her free time reading, running, sleeping, singing, and baking. But… in that order? We may never know. She’s a family girl at heart, and not only loves to spend quality time with those close to her in her free time, but you may catch her mom Gloria, brother Brandon, or sister Brittany cheering from the darkness of the studio as they party Zengo-style with their very own leading the charge. (Hand on heart, and in unison now.. Awww)


One final question: If you could give every Zengo rider one piece of advice, one gift.. what would it be?


“Never, ever give up…on and off the bike. When you think you can’t, tell yourself you can.. WE can.. together the Zengo community becomes better and stronger individuals!”


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