Nikki + David. On the schedule. In our hearts. In your carts.

Nikki + David. On the schedule. In our hearts. In your carts.

Mon Apr 9, 2018

Our #zenfam is growing - not only in size, but most certainly now in height. (Thanks for boosting our average, David.) We want you to know the ins and outs of our newest Zengo instructors; who they are on and off of the bike. You can find them on the schedule across multiple studios, so snag a credit, and check (them) out!


A self-proclaimed coffee addict originally from Boston. She and her family moved to the D.C. area in August of 2017. Prior to the big move, she had been fiercely stalking the DC cycling scene to find a studio she could identify with, and stumbled upon Zengo. Here's what she had to say about her very first class with Cassidy...

"I will NEVER forget that class or the way she made me feel, and the way she inspired and empowered every rider in that room. I remember wanting to be that influential and badass as an instructor all around." Snaps for Cassidy!  "Zengo is not just a workout class, but it is a true total experience from the minute you enter the doors until the minute you leave."

When she's not perched on the podium, out for a run, or practicing yoga, Nikki is a labor and delivery registered nurse - something she has been passionate about since the age of 7. "Who wouldn't love a job that allows you to celebrate birthdays on the reg!" Great question. Anyone? Bueller?

Fun fact about Nikki. She has a 9 year-old daughter, Kaylen, her "mini me." Talk about mother-daughter #goals. "She's the best thing that ever happened to me. I'm obviously biased, but I think she's perfect." (Places both hands on heart and chokes back a tear.)

If you could give a Zengo rider one piece of advice...

"It would be to always remember that your presence is your power. So much can be missed or lost if we don't pay attention to life in the moments we're living it. The studio, the room, the bike for 50 minutes, those are all yours. Your time to truly give everything you have, celebrate your body, and search from within what truly sets your soul on fire."




Aka. Baby Giraffe. Aka a true Virginian. Born and raised in Lawrenceville. Attended UVA, followed by law school at Washington  & Lee. A bit of foreshadowing, this is as serious as we'll get for the next few paragraphs.


During David's first Zengo class, Katherine played a mashup of "Boom I Got Your Boyfriend" and "Turn Down For What" and apparently his life has never been the same. Thank the Lord for Katherine and her mashups. He spends the majority of his days serving as a corporate bankruptcy attorney, but has every intention of being a back up dancer for Beyonce when he grows up.


Now. For a little rapid fire.


ZC: Hobby.

DB: Taking pictures of my dog for Instagram.

ZC: Fun fact.

DB: I can only set my thermostat to an even number.

ZC: Can't live without?

DB: Diet Coke.

ZC: Your style of instructing?

DB: Carly Rae Jepson x Azealia Banks.

ZC: Celebrity crush?

DB: Chrissy Tiegen.

ZC: Favorite song to ride to?

DB: Janet Janckson - Rhythm Nation.

ZC: Anything else we should know?

DB: My favorite episode of the Golden Girls is the one where they get mistaken for prostitutes and are thrown in jail; and Burt Reynolds makes a cameo. 


Favorite episode of the Golden Girls. Mhmm. TOTALLY forgot to ask that one.


We'll leave you with these simple, yet strong words of his. "Just have fun and give everything a chance." Done and done.


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