Nas gives us something to GUAC about.

Nas gives us something to GUAC about.

Fri Sep 28, 2018

You have GUAC to be kidding me!


Holy GUACamole!


Well this is GUACward.




OK, now that I've got that out of my system we can move on.


When you think of avocados you think of guacamole. But - did you know the fiber filled, protein packed super fruit can be used for so much more than a delicious life changing dip? Yes, its true! Avocados can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert - in smoothies, on salads, on toast, to make brownies, you can even cut it in half and dip your crackers right in for a quick and easy snack! The possibilities really are endless so I thought id share with you a couple of go-to recipes my husband and I use.


"You’re the Avocado to my Toast” Toast (#basic) 

2 slices of ezekiel bread - toasted

1 whole avocado

1 tsp of Trader Joes Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning

Fresh squeezed lemon juice


(23g Fat 42g carbs 10g protein 405 calories)


Avocado Egg Salad

1 whole hard boiled egg

2 Hard boiled egg whites

1/2 avocado

2 tsp stone ground Dijon Mustard

2 cups of raw spinach

1 slice of Ezekiel bread - toasted

Himalayan salt and cracked black pepper


(17.2g fat 25g carbs 20.5g protein 348 calories)


What are your favorite avocado recipes? Share them with us!






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