Logan Circle: Making Lemonade Out of Sour Lemons

Logan Circle: Making Lemonade Out of Sour Lemons

Sun Dec 3, 2017

It was a calm Sunday evening in Washington, D.C. All Zengo Cycle instructors, hosts, and administrators were snuggled up in their beds at home, without any knowledge of what was about to transpire at 1508 14th Street Northwest. A small fire ignited upstairs in the building late Sunday night, which immediately triggered the sprinkler system. PHEW! Unfortunately, these sprinklers continued to rain down throughout the building all night long until our bright-eyed and bushy-tailed host crew arrived at 5:30am on Monday morning for class. Had they brought their duck boots and paddles, we may have been able to wade through the waters, but everyone was sent home, and before the sun even rose, #teamzengo sprung to action!

We were forced to cancel classes in the studio without any true knowledge of the damage we were facing. Within hours we had contractors and insurance adjusters on the job, surveying the damage, and constructing a plan for redesign and rebuilding. Our stress, tears, and fears were quickly replaced with anticipation and excitement - for our dark and dungeoness middle child would finally get the make-over of a lifetime! New floors, new paint, new podium, new ceiling, new sound system... HOORAY!

Our doors finally reopened on Sunday with smiling faces, sweaty riders, and cheering voices. Brad and Katherine kicked off our soft re-opening in style and it's safe to say the new look passed with flying colors. 

We're incredibly grateful for our community each and every day, and especially for all of the patience and flexibility you all have shown zover the past month. A great reminder that while life will throw curveballs you can't possibly anticipate, it's all about attitude! You can't choose what happens to you, but you can choose how to respond and react. So this holiday season, we made our own Lemonade out of sour lemons, and now we celebrate together!

We'll be offering special deals and promotions IN STUDIO ONLY throughout the week of Demeber 4th. So stop by, clip in, and let's ride!

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