Let's Hear it For the Boys

Let's Hear it For the Boys

Fri Jun 29, 2018

June is Men's Health Awareness Month. We checked in with Eddie and Blake to get a deeper sense of what "health and wellness" mean to them. As fitness instructors, you'd think healthy routines and practices are automatically a part of our lives, but it isn't always that simple. We have to work at it, just like everyone else!

First question: what does a healthy lifestyle look like to you?

BM - I believe a healthy lifestyle starts with loving people, and making those around you feel good about themselves. A lot of people consider living a healthy lifestyle to be about being physically fit and eating right. While those two values are extremely important, we have to remember that living a "heathly life" goes beyond your outer appearance. 

EC - Living a healthy lifestyle to me is feeling good about yourself regardless of whether or not you're toned. There is so much pressure in the gay community to have the perfect body. As I get older, I've been able to let go of needing the perfect body or fitting in to the LGBT community, and focus on just being myself. In the words of Jonathan Van Ness, "you gotta make time for yourself, hunny!"

Both guys touched on the fact that people tend to forget "healthy" goes beyond physical appearance, and how your emotional well-being should be at the forefront of your self-care. It's important to find people, places, and practices that make you feel good, and find time to make them a priority.

Do you have any specific practices that you incorporate into your routine?

BM - Hydration. Drinking a big glass of water in the morning, and throughout the day. That's my #1.

EC - As a Type I Diabetic, regular visits with my encodrinologist are crucial. I always make it a priority to get AT LEAST eight hours of sleep a night, otherwise I can barely function.

Any pre or post-workout routines?

BM - I'm pretty terrible at pre or post workout routines, but I have been looking into getting more active in yoga to increase my flexibility. Word on the street is it's pretty crucial to your body's growth!

EC - Caffeine. (Palm to forehead.) Post class I'm all about the bath salts. Red wine. Music. Ritz Crackers. With a shower first to rinse the dirt off of course. #sweatyeddie

Okay #sweatyeddie... and Blake. How do you get sweaty outsdie of Zengo?

BM - I typically play football, soccer, hockey, etc. with my little guy, Landon. Oh. And the occasional lifting sesh. Bro.

EC - Volleyball! I played NCAA in college, and have stayed active with it on the Pride league here in DC.

Guilty pleasures? 

BM - Getting sour cream on my Chipotle orders. YAS. 

EC - Sourpatch Kids.

So why is all of this important? Eddie and Blake both talk about the importance of living a long, healthy life. Hearing what they have to say about health and wellness really shines a light on their love for themselves, and more so, their love for others. Wanting to be the best version of themselves so they can take care of the people that matter, spend time with the people that matter, and be here long enough to do that until they are old and grey. Which... we want to add... is VERY off in the distant future. But there's nothing like a little #zenlove to warm your heart. So in summary, take care of yourself. So you can take care of others, and be with those that you love most.


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