Is there an 'E' in pizza? No. But there is now in Zengo!

Is there an 'E' in pizza? No. But there is now in Zengo!

Mon Jan 15, 2018

Meet Ellisa Wright. Call her ‘E.’ Everybody’s doing it.


Originally from Yorktown, Virginia, and a beach baby at heart. A JMU grad… otherwise we’d be on medical alert that she bleeds purple. Fitness and health has always been a passion of hers, so she is THRILLED to inch her way into this field.


Speaking of inches… worms. Speaking of worms… hooks. How did this girl get so hooked on Zengo?


“The complete empowerment [I felt] when I walked out - knowing that I had been able to completely unplug from what was going on in my life for that hour and accomplish something amazing.” She gives a nod to those around her also along for the ride. Literally and figuratively. The positive energy from the riders, the instructor, and the dance party atmosphere certainly doesn’t hurt!


So you love a good dance party, huh?


Preferably the sing-a-long kind! Ellisa grew up in the musical theater world, so we feel honored she chose us as her return to the stage. CURTAIN UP! LIGHT THE LIGHTS…


Alright. Lights back to normal. A few fun non-Zengo facts about E. We unfortunately had to rule out wine as an appropriate favorite food response, so pizza it is. She loves to travel - London has her purple-bleeding heart, read, cook, and of course, eat. All of the pizza.


That was fun. Back to Zengo. If you could give every Zengo rider one piece of advice, one gift… what would it be?


Don't ever, ever compare yourself to anyone else - you are unique in your own right and that's what makes you amazing! Take each class as a personal opportunity to walk out feeling empowered and like the complete badass that you are - no one can take that 50 minutes away from you. Whether it's for a great workout, the group energy, or mental release, YOU accomplished this and it will only bring you closer to your end goal.”




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