Zengo News

Sign Up Opens At 1pm On Mondays

Weekly reservations are open for online scheduling Mondays at 1pm

Classes Must be cancelled by 7pm the night before to be credited back.

Your first class is free as are shoe rentals. After the initial class there is a $3 charge for shoe rentals.

Zengo Etiquette

A little Zengo etiquette:

• That bike you booked is yours (and only yours) until 5 minutes before start time. We promise.

• If you’re not signed in by 5 minutes before class, we’ll release the bike to clients on the waitlist and/or walking in. We promise this, too.

• As tempting as it may be, you are not allowed to switch bikes at your own discretion.

• If at all possible, arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to ensure you’re set up for a safe ride.

• If you’re 5 minutes late to class (or later), you won’t be allowed in. It’s just too disruptive to your fellow Zengoers.

• Need to cancel? Make sure to do it by 7pm the night before class. It’s the only way to get your credit back.